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About us

《Book My Own Trips》is a platform that is built with a group of sophisticated people from tourism industry. For many years, we work with a great number of tourists as customers and we understand plenty of their needs and wants.
When the feedbacks of some needs and wants from our customers become more and more serious to us, we realize that is the right time to offer this special platform to our customers to satisfy their new needs and wants.
Comparing with the traditional way of travel, our clients have more freedom to design their own trips and they can also decide how lang they want to stay in one stop or whatever they want to eat. Furthermore, our clients will have more private space in one or more vehicles which means that they do not have to worry about their belongings security and we are sure they will not be bothered by other unknown tourists as well. Besides of above, our professional drivers can also bring more safety and more convenience in the trip to our customers.
Any customers who choose our services can make their own groups with lover, families, relatives, colleagues, friends in the smaller vehicles and we are sure that they will enjoy their wonderful trips.